The Capital

A strange city in a foreign land...

Arriving through the portal from your former home. You found yourselves within a strange place. A bedroom, littered with religious lore, was home to hidden compartments and various ancient texts. As you peeked to the outside, you found a Chapel, hidden in the slums of the city, preaching the ways of Erathis. It is there you came face to face with The Order, starting a fire amongst the church, and burning it to the ground. Several citizens were dragged off by Warforged servants, others managed to escape thanks to your help.

It was there that you met Thistley, a Human priestess of Erathis. She led you to an Eladrin Woman, a follower of Sune. She remained anonymous, but gave you vital information on how to escape the city.

Infiltrating a government building, you used the sewer systems to get to a Railway system, which took you out of the city, and on to Greenbriar.



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