A farming community with a dark plague

Leaving the city via railway, you came upon Greenbriar. It was there that you met a roadblock, The Order looking for criminals within the area, whom had supposedly started several fires, including in the main church. Thistley offered herself quietly as a distraction, as you slipped outside.

Within Greenbriar you found a farming community in a downturn. Their crops were diminishing, horrible creatures were attacking them from the plague lands, and racial unrest was present due to the Dwarven and Elven workers.

There you met Tyrell, a Spell Plagued Elf, in prison. You also visited a Spell Plague Harvester manufacturer, who was developing new machines to harvest Plague Crystals, large battery like gems with powerful magic stored inside.

You assisted Tyrell in his escape, and were told of his missing sister Tia. You eventually traced this back to the Plaguelands, where an ancient temple of Chantea stood. It was there that you allowed Tia to sacrifice herself in exchange for a bountiful harvest, generating crops like never before. You saved the town and the surrounding cities, but doomed a young girl to her death. Her brother was none too happy, and stormed off with her ashes.


Veranas was also not happy with this.


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