Dark Expirements

Arriving in Hollowmouth, you managed to sneak your way inside and pose as lawyers and priests.

Once there, you met an Elf druid named Talla, who is attempting to free her friend, much as you are attempting to free Thistley.

You discover when Thistley’s trial will be, and who is presiding over the trial. Bertug sneaks into the Judges home, and during the night, assassinates him with a candle.

The Trial delayed, you take this opportunity in the confusion of the Judges’ death to get inside Hollowmouth. Freeing Thistley, you use a secret exit that Talla had knowledge of.

Once inside however, you find horrors beyond comprehension. Dark priests are conducting experiments, and raising prisoner’s bodies from the dead into horrible, twisted creatures.

Making your way through this area, you came across a room full of strange containers of liquid. Many of them had bodies, but seemed lifeless.

Coming to the final room, you found none other than Tyrell! He had been contributing his Plague magic to the research, in an attempt to resurrect his dead sister. A few attempts were almost successful, but they did not possess the true soul and spirit of Tia.

Part of the research involved creating a portal into the Shadowfell, which created dark tendrils that nearly destroyed you. Closing the portal, it instead lead to a dark room.

Entering the portal, you found ritual papers, arcane ruins scribed on the floors and walls, and more. Three wizards burst into the room, ready to attack, demanding to know who you were.



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