It Begins

Every story has a beginning

In the distant oceans of the mortal world, Oghma sits isolated and alone, mythical in its existence. Each of you were either born or brought here for safekeeping, your families weary of the current conditions of the main continent. Here, cloistered scholars and monks, known as Lorekeepers, study and hone their minds and bodies, maintaining the knowledge of a world thought lost.

You are summoned to the Lorekeeper Library, the largest building on the island. You are taken to a small room, a ritual circle placed in its center. With you are Elanna, your arcane and divine mentor, and Evandra, your master at arms. Since you came to the island, each has been with you, training you, honing your skills. Elanna has always felt your presence was that of fate. Within each of you dwells a power untapped. It is this power that may someday resurrect the Gods of old, restoring peace to a consecrated land.

The world outside is a mystery to you, but Ellana has brought you forward all the same. For today is the day you are meant to venture out, and begin your journey. Each of you follow a different God, hold different views, and seek different paths. But together, you have the potential to change the world.

As a gift, each of you is given an artifact, said to contain a portion of your God’s power.

To Helios, the Orb of Ioun

To Helga, the Book of Oghma

To Nymeria, the Sword of Sune

To Bertug, the Treebox of Silvanus

To Veranas, the Tools of Gond

Each of you also were given a task, and completed it within your mind. You were then given visions of what was to come.

Following this, you awake to find Ioun dead, a Dragonborn clad in heavy armor standing before you. Evandra does her best to defend you, and dies in the process. You run, but not before learning that the Dragonborn claims to be Bahamut himself, your masters Ioun and Avandra. You are not sure what to believe, but there is no time. You race to a secret teleportation circle in the back of the temple, escaping just in time. The portal seals itself behind you, and you find yourself in a small room, unsure of what you are to find.



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