Melora's Domain

Making your way down into the water, you swam under water through perilous traps. The water seemed to end magically, at the entrance to a large door with Melora’s symbol on it.

It read (In supernal):

Melora’s Domain, her Defiance Where Machinations Crumble And God’s rise like the Sun

Helios attempted to scry through the doorway, seeing a crumbling ruin inside. Melora sensed his intrusion, and attacked back, causing his orb to crack ever so slightly.

Using the shield of Pelor, you were permitted inside.

You faced a swirling tempest of elements kept inside one being, Melora herself. She shifted and twisted these elements quickly. She seemed angered at your attempts to stop her, wanting Oasis back from The Order.

You made a deal with Melora. In exchange for stopping the attacks, you would drive the Order from Oasis. She agreed, and gave you an egg. Touching the water, the egg cracked, and a submersible vessle emerged. Her fishmen aided you in bringing it to the surface.

Moving the submersible, players battled the few remaining Order ships, and made their way to the coast, where dozens of Order soldiers, and some villagers, awaited with arms ready.



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