The Red Wizards

New Help, and New Danger

The Wizards whom burst into the room revealed themselves to be The Red Wizards. Thought gone, they now operate as a magical black market, providing you with the resources you need, given the right amount of time and money.

Their leader, Tharna, is old friends with Thistley, and it seems that Cuthbert was up to unknown research. They have the players to dinner, and explain all that they know.

Cuthbert was a Red Wizard, but it seems he has been driven to the darkness. His room in tatters, they will begin to discover his intentions, and where he might be heading next.

Thistley also now has a chance to truly speak with you. She explains that your artifacts contain shards of the God’s power, hidden inside so that the God’s may one day live. She herself contains a shard of Erathis’ power. You, along with many others, are known as “Devas.” It is now imperative you find artifacts, like Pelor’s Light, that will allow you to bring these God’s back into the world to heal and repair it.

The Red Wizards only remaining connection to the mortal plane is through a portal to Oasis, a port city. They exist within a pocket of reality in order to stay safe.

Thalla makes other arrangements with them, while Thistley stays. You make your way to Oasis, now able to go back and forth between The Red wizards, as long as you can find other transportation circles tuned to their Enclave. Once repaired, muttering the password “Booger” will transport you there.

Now in Oasis, you were told to find Finwyn Balderdash, who may know how to procure a ship. While looking for him, you chance inside the Tavern, where a bar fight between the Order and a few Dwarves have broken out. The Order has moved more and more into this city as the months have gone by, causing unrest amongst its populace. The Dwarf leader, Moira, assists you as you clothesline, attack, and harm the guards, causing them to run off. Helios and Nymeria enjoy a drink.

It is at this point you meet Finwyn, who speaks with you in his home. He is unsure how he may be able to help you gain a boat, but once you explain your mission, sees great profit in journeying with you.

You have now met Moira Turesilver, captain of the Bearded Sailor. She works for the Order, and will be pardoned for these actions, but has escaped slavery by working within the system, attempting to change it. She offers you her ship, but only if you can find one so that she can be free from The Order, and one day free her family and people from the mines.

The group continues to explore the town, which has come under severe storms and weather, determined by Helios to be unnatural. You approach the church on the hill, where the priestess there seems to be only slightly knowledgeable about the One True God. She admits to being a new convert, due to The Order’s recent control. She blames the storm on the statue, claiming it has invoked Melora’s Wrath.

The Statue she refers to is a large, gargantuan statue which displays the One True God, a god of twisting faces and form, with several arms holding various objects to represent his all encompassing power.

You attempt to attack the statue, but detect traps around it. Failing horribly at attempting to disarm them, the alarms go off, alerting the guards. As if waiting for this, you find a Gnome Bard, Carl Glittergold, appears behind you. He sings a song, forewarning you of a Dragon and an attack by Melora. At this point the ocean rears up, half the town decimated by large, violent waves. A dragon of water and several fishmen appear, and begin to attack you.

The onslaught of both the Dragon and the Guards is almost overwhelming. Luckily, the Dragon seems to be seeking the Statue itself, and once destroyed, dissipates. The other fish men warn you that the attacks will continue, and disappear back into the waves. You deal with the remaining guards, and no one believes you to have anything to do with the statue’s destruction.

The Priestess from the chapel on the hill runs down, claiming this to be her fault. She had performed a prayer to Melora, evoking her wrath against The Order’s control, but did not expect it to get to these levels.

She indicates a cavern, where Melora priests used to worship, due to its proximity to the waves. She feels that perhaps there you may find a way to stop this. Knowing this much, you now are off to investigate these attacks, in order to save the town.



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