The Burning Sands

Treachery at its finest

After the events of Greenbriar, it was time to move on. Winning favor with the Mayor for helping restore the crop and destroy the creatures attacking the fields, he managed passage for you on the train, albeit as prisoners. Using clever tricks and magic, Helios managed to gain entrance to the front of the cart.

It was there Helios met Judge Reinhold, a Judge at the Hollowmouth prison, and the one who would be judging the trial of Thistley. Helios also met Carl Glittergold again, who warned him of a coming attack.

Soon after, the event occured. While Helios was in the front, the others were in the back of the train, managing to escape from their restraints. However, they had some questionable company with a Dragonborn and Tiefling. They also helped free wrongfully accused Dwarves, but soon the train was attacked and derailed by thieves on sand-skiffs.

A fight ensued outside the train, and the party managed to defend any other passengers from the thieves attack. In the middle of combat however, a sandstorm hit, and while most of those they saved seemed alright, they were thrown into unknown territory, lost within the sands.

Using his skills of Nature, Veranas managed to guide the party to a small cave-like fort within the dessert sands. Sensing that the ones welcoming them were friendly (Despite a very cautious Helga) the party went inside to meet a series of Dwarves, Bugbear, Tiefling, and Dragonborn, all living peacefully in the sands. They had food and bed to offer, but they wished for the party to speak with their leader first.

The leader of this group, a fierce Dragonborn warrior, first found out what he could about the party, and then sprung his trap. What the party believed to be Veranas was actually a Doppelganger! The Doppelganger quickly dispatched Helios, and the rest of the party attempted to recover from the surprise. The true Veranas, locked in a treasure room, broke free, and managed to secure a weapon and aid in the fight.

Once finished, the party attempted to stealthily leave the area, alerting a few thieves at one point, but otherwise successful. Bertug was notable for stealthily snapping the neck of one bugbear, while Nymeria collected young Dragonborn eggs that were being cared for in a corner.

After some time wandering through the dessert, the party came to a small encampment, where more trustworthy souls lived.



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