The Caves

Making your way down the cliffside, you enter the entrance to a large cave system. Herios used Archimedes as a scout, managing to stay hidden.

Casting a ritual, Helga floated a rope to the other side of the cave, while Bertug and Veranas used their combined athletics to place an anchor point above. Doing so created a pully system.

Making their way silently across, the party found two praying fishmen who were distracted. Finwyn used ghost sounds to scare them away, and mage hand to grab one of their testicles. Needless to say they were quite scared and helpless, and were easily dispatched.

Glancing down into the cave, Bertug lit a sunrod, which illuminated a priestess in robes who was casting a strange ritual in Abyssal. Players jumped down to try to speak/stop her, but she seemed to ignore them, moving behind the statue into the water. When players followed, they were met with horrid beasts, it was all an illusion!

The players fought, despite the large Melora summoned creature attempting to dominate their minds. Friend turned on friend, but only briefly. Finishing it off, they found various treasures on the alter, along with a book potentially filled with information.

Once defeated, the water swirled, creating clarity. They were able to see below, the cave extending downward fifty feet. To find Melora, they would need to swim down into the water below.



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