The Encampment

The Search for Pelor's Temple

Coming upon this encampment, you found that there were trustworthy people to be found here. You took a rest, and met with the village elder, an aged Dragonborn named Tor. He told you of his knowledge, and gave you a Resurrection scroll, very rare indeed. With the help of one of the Pelor Scholar’s, and an adventurer from the Desert Riders, you made your way through the dessert in search of Pelor’s temple.

It was there you found large, jutting rocks appearing from the sands. These massive objects seemed to form the points of a sun. Using them, you were able to discern the location of the temple entrance. When you entered, you found several images painted on stone walls, and Orcs there to meet you.

With a shout of “For Gruumsh!” they entered battle. After it was over, you used a mirror to reflect the sun at one of the images with a sun painted on it, opening the floor and sending you down into the caverns below.

Landing in a pool of water, you found the entrance to the temple, a large mirror where doors should be. Activating a trap, ghouls whipped out at you, draining your life as they possessed the large statues around them. Proving victorious, you entered the temple.

Making your way past a series of rooms, you encountered a large number of zombies. Moving quickly, and using everything possible as an obstacle, you managed to prevent them from taking you down, but you were quite fatigued.

Entering the final room, a grand chamber filled with mirrors and beams of light, you found what you had come for: Pelor’s Light, a heavy shield of great power.

Solving the room’s puzzle, and unleashing more undead, you faced an ethereal, Radiant dragon which almost spelled your doom. Surviving, Veranas began to wield the Shield as his own, and gained access to it’s great power.

Returning to the encampment, Tor gave you a sand-skiff to make your way to Hollowmouth. The inhabitants of this small encampment had decided to move into the old Thieves fortress, where it would be cooler and easier for them to live. You secured a safe haven for those outside of The Order’s reach to live, and they promised to repay the debt in the future.

A sense of urgency gripped you however, as you rushed to Hollowmouth to save Thistley.



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