To Tempus

Landing on Oasis, you find several order guards, and even a few civilians, ready to take up arms against you. They seem to be no problem, but soon, Drow mysteriously arrive. You are unsure of their presence, but know this cannot lead to good things. After the battle, you speak with the Red Wizards. They advise you that making a deal with Melora was useful, but may have consequences later, due to her increased anger and bitter nature. With the Orcus Priests in Hollowmouth, and Drow claiming to work for Lolth, darker forces are beginning to rise.

Leaving Oasis, you decide to embark for Tempus, so named by The Order for the former god who ended the Godswar in his immense battle with Bane. Strange new creatures inhabit the island, born from the elements themselves. You encounter such a group as you arrive, the island surrounded by ice despite its southern climate. You see a large iceberg floating in the distance, but your ship has been captured by the ice, and may not be able to leave until the problem is solved.

Rescuing a few of these new creatures from Ice Giants, they invite you into their village and to the hospitality of their home. They seem trustworthy, albeit regal with a hint of a condescending nature. Their city is built on the side of a large chasm, several pieces of island rock floating in the sky,connected by bridges. Aircrafts make their way above the city, suspending by rings of elemental magic wrapped around the bow.

What threat ails the island? What else is there about these people to discover? Only time will tell.



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