Orb of Ioun

Owned By: Helios

The very scrying orb used by Ioun, it gives The user untold sight of the unknown

Property: The orb of Ioun begins as a +1 Magic Orb. As the user gains experience, the orb will grow with it, possessing new abilities and power.

Property: The orb may be used as a focus for Scrying rituals

Property: As the user levels, they will gain new Scrying Rituals as listed:

Level 1: * - Eye of Alarm - Hand of Fate *Level 5: - Wizard’s Sight - Discern Lies Level 10: - Eye of Warning - Consult Mystic Sages Level 15: * - View Location - Consult Oracle *Level 20: - Forbiddance - View Object Level 25: * - Observe Creature - Voice of Fate

These rituals are mastered automatically, but require component costs as normal

Property:* The user gains a +1 to Insight checks per 5 levels, to a maximum of +5

Orb of Ioun

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