Shield of Pelor

Pelor’s Light

Owned by: Veranas

_This gleaming shield is said to contain a part of Pelor’s power, _ _sent to ancient followers to protect and guide them against evil. _ Pelor’s Light is determined to destroy evil and protect those who wield it.

Pelor’s Light is a level 14 Heavy Flaring Shield

Enhancement: *AC, Ref
*Property: You gain resist 5 fire, and resist 5 radiant.
Property: Allies in Close Burst 1 of the wielder gain a +1 to saving throws.
Power (At-Will ✦ Divine, Weapon): Standard Action. You can use Priest’s Shield(Cleric 1).
Power (Encounter): *Minor Action. You can spend a healing surge.
Power (Daily):* Immediate Reaction. Use this power when a melee attack misses you. The
attacker is blinded until the end of your next turn.

Goals of Pelor’s Light ✦ Attach itself to a hero of destiny ✦ Protect all those who travel with its wielder ✦ Vanquish the undead and bring light to darkness

Roleplaying Pelor’s Light Pelor’s Light is incredibly protective. It will urge its wielder into harm’s way if it means protecting those around it. Rather than speak, the shield radiates with varying degrees of light to display its disposition with the player’s actions. The shield enjoys the light and outdoors, and begins to dread staying in dark areas for too long.

Starting score 5

Owner gains a level +1d10 Owner Stays in the sun for extended periods of time with shield +1 Owner defeats undead enemy three or more levels higher than he is (maximum 1/day) +1 Ally falls to 0 hit points in battle –1 Owner flees from combat –1 Owner stays in darkness or underground for extended periods of time -1

Pleased (16–20) Pelor’s Light is excited to have such a hero to protect. It starts to literally glow with pride, constantly shedding dim light in a 2-square radius.

Property: *You gain resist 10 fire, and resist 10 radiant. This supersedes the normal resistances granted by the artifact.

Property:* You gain a +5 bonus to Will defense against fear effects.

Power (Daily): *Minor Action. You call forth an aura of courage (aura 2) that lasts until the end of your next turn. You and any ally within the aura gain a +5 bonus to attack rolls.

Satisfied (12–15)* “We are destined for greatness.” Pelor’s Light is pleased with the wielder’s bravery and drive, so it devotes more of its power to urging him on to greater glory.

Property: *You gain a +2 bonus to Will defense against fear effects. Power (Daily): Free Action. Gain 1 action point.

Normal (5–11)* The Shield wants its wielder to put himself in harm’s way, and it urges him toward acts of protection.

Unsatisfied (1–4)

Special: You take a –2 penalty to all defenses against creatures whose level is equal to or lower than yours.

Angered (0 or lower) The Shield regards its wielder as a coward and urges him to find someone more worthy to wear it.

The artifact’s enhancement bonus to AC drops to 0. Special: You take a –5 penalty to all defenses against creatures whose level is equal to or lower than yours.

Moving On “Our names shall live on in legend.” Pelor’s Shield recognizes that its wielder’s bravery needs no further assistance. When the wielder next gains a level, Pelor’s Light turns into a reflective shield level 15. The essence contained within the shield powers the travelers and returns Pelor to greater power.

Also, the wielder gains a permanent +1 bonus to Religion checks and Healing checks. Even those who do not know of his bravery recognize an aura of greatness around him.

If the Sheild moves on because it is unsatisfied with the wielder, then the wielder receives a permanent –1 penalty to Religion and Healing checks, and the shield turns into worthless rusted metal.

Shield of Pelor

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