Tools of Gond

Owned By: Veranas

A crafty one indeed, Whomever owns these tools will be

Property: *The Bag containing the Tools of Gond is a Bag of Holding. However, it can only contain the objects already within the bag, and is restricted as such. For example, you cannot loot weapons and then put them all in the bag.

Property:* The tools may be used to create armor, weapons, and other items the user can think of. The user must have knowledge of the object being made, or be able to reasonably determine how to create it. The object will take time as determined by the DM to create. The user must also supply the funds equivalent to the item’s cost or the raw materials themselves.

Property: * As the user levels, they will gain new Wondrous Items as listed:

Level 1: Anvil, Tongs, and other blacksmithing items in order to create any item *Level 5: Gond’s Water Pump - Power (Daily): Minor Action. For five minutes, you know the direction and distance to the nearest source of water within 30 squares of you or the nearest alcoholic beverage within 60 squares of you. If you are a dwarf, you can instead learn the direction and distance to ingredients for alcoholic beverages within 60 squares of you. Level 10: Gond’s Warforged Prototype - Has the properties of a Canine Construct - In active mode, is a medium sized Warforged - Can compact (read: “Transform”) into a smaller figurine sized version of itself that will fit into your bag Level 15: Gond’s Flying hook: - Works just like a normal Flying hook, but may hold 5x greater amounts of weight Level 25: Gond’s Timesaver - Will allow the user to create items in less time - An item that would take a week takes a day to make - Guidelines as follows: Year->month->week->day->hour->minute->second

Property: *As the user levels, they will be able to craft their items with the following properties

Level 1: * - More durable items (more HP, hold more weight, sturdier material, etc.) *Level 10: * - Lighter o Items are 3/4 their weight rounded up. o A normally 20 lb item weighs 15. o Items less than 1 lb cannot be made less than that (bullets, ammo, etc.) *Level 20: * - Cheaper: o You can make items at 1/10th less their cost rounded up. o A 100gp item costs 90gp in materials to make. o An item cannot be made cheaper than 1gp. o This does not apply to enchantments.

Tools of Gond

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