It’s a HUGE help for me to do the following with this page:

- Update your character background to the wiki. I’m allowing retcon in the sense that you can come up with family background, and how your character reached Oghma (The original Island). If you wish to keep it a simple “I was born there” That’s fine too. But you can still influence the world by coming up with ways your family may have impacted it.

- Upload your character stats to the Wiki. I’ll have a separate section for this. Copy and paste the summary text from the character builder. This lets me know what you have, and what stats you have. If you want a challenge and good loot, please do this! Otherwise I’m giving you whatever.

- Wishlists can also be uploaded to the wiki. If you want something specific, tell me!

Other things I’m doing…

- Adventure Log: * Will have the summary of the adventure so far. Feel free to add notes I may have somehow missed.

- *Wiki: As explained above. Will list “Public knowledge” of cities, places, and PCs. Use this to your advantage.

- NPC Tracker: Will have various NPCs come into the fold. Go here to learn about them or add notes that might relate to your character.

- Forum: Probably won’t be used, but feel free to post here if you would like.

- Maps: The world, cities, and smaller maps will be posted here. Anything you would have access to or know about.

- Comments: Leaving this to you


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