To Tempus

Landing on Oasis, you find several order guards, and even a few civilians, ready to take up arms against you. They seem to be no problem, but soon, Drow mysteriously arrive. You are unsure of their presence, but know this cannot lead to good things. After the battle, you speak with the Red Wizards. They advise you that making a deal with Melora was useful, but may have consequences later, due to her increased anger and bitter nature. With the Orcus Priests in Hollowmouth, and Drow claiming to work for Lolth, darker forces are beginning to rise.

Leaving Oasis, you decide to embark for Tempus, so named by The Order for the former god who ended the Godswar in his immense battle with Bane. Strange new creatures inhabit the island, born from the elements themselves. You encounter such a group as you arrive, the island surrounded by ice despite its southern climate. You see a large iceberg floating in the distance, but your ship has been captured by the ice, and may not be able to leave until the problem is solved.

Rescuing a few of these new creatures from Ice Giants, they invite you into their village and to the hospitality of their home. They seem trustworthy, albeit regal with a hint of a condescending nature. Their city is built on the side of a large chasm, several pieces of island rock floating in the sky,connected by bridges. Aircrafts make their way above the city, suspending by rings of elemental magic wrapped around the bow.

What threat ails the island? What else is there about these people to discover? Only time will tell.

Melora's Domain

Making your way down into the water, you swam under water through perilous traps. The water seemed to end magically, at the entrance to a large door with Melora’s symbol on it.

It read (In supernal):

Melora’s Domain, her Defiance Where Machinations Crumble And God’s rise like the Sun

Helios attempted to scry through the doorway, seeing a crumbling ruin inside. Melora sensed his intrusion, and attacked back, causing his orb to crack ever so slightly.

Using the shield of Pelor, you were permitted inside.

You faced a swirling tempest of elements kept inside one being, Melora herself. She shifted and twisted these elements quickly. She seemed angered at your attempts to stop her, wanting Oasis back from The Order.

You made a deal with Melora. In exchange for stopping the attacks, you would drive the Order from Oasis. She agreed, and gave you an egg. Touching the water, the egg cracked, and a submersible vessle emerged. Her fishmen aided you in bringing it to the surface.

Moving the submersible, players battled the few remaining Order ships, and made their way to the coast, where dozens of Order soldiers, and some villagers, awaited with arms ready.

The Caves

Making your way down the cliffside, you enter the entrance to a large cave system. Herios used Archimedes as a scout, managing to stay hidden.

Casting a ritual, Helga floated a rope to the other side of the cave, while Bertug and Veranas used their combined athletics to place an anchor point above. Doing so created a pully system.

Making their way silently across, the party found two praying fishmen who were distracted. Finwyn used ghost sounds to scare them away, and mage hand to grab one of their testicles. Needless to say they were quite scared and helpless, and were easily dispatched.

Glancing down into the cave, Bertug lit a sunrod, which illuminated a priestess in robes who was casting a strange ritual in Abyssal. Players jumped down to try to speak/stop her, but she seemed to ignore them, moving behind the statue into the water. When players followed, they were met with horrid beasts, it was all an illusion!

The players fought, despite the large Melora summoned creature attempting to dominate their minds. Friend turned on friend, but only briefly. Finishing it off, they found various treasures on the alter, along with a book potentially filled with information.

Once defeated, the water swirled, creating clarity. They were able to see below, the cave extending downward fifty feet. To find Melora, they would need to swim down into the water below.

The Red Wizards
New Help, and New Danger

The Wizards whom burst into the room revealed themselves to be The Red Wizards. Thought gone, they now operate as a magical black market, providing you with the resources you need, given the right amount of time and money.

Their leader, Tharna, is old friends with Thistley, and it seems that Cuthbert was up to unknown research. They have the players to dinner, and explain all that they know.

Cuthbert was a Red Wizard, but it seems he has been driven to the darkness. His room in tatters, they will begin to discover his intentions, and where he might be heading next.

Thistley also now has a chance to truly speak with you. She explains that your artifacts contain shards of the God’s power, hidden inside so that the God’s may one day live. She herself contains a shard of Erathis’ power. You, along with many others, are known as “Devas.” It is now imperative you find artifacts, like Pelor’s Light, that will allow you to bring these God’s back into the world to heal and repair it.

The Red Wizards only remaining connection to the mortal plane is through a portal to Oasis, a port city. They exist within a pocket of reality in order to stay safe.

Thalla makes other arrangements with them, while Thistley stays. You make your way to Oasis, now able to go back and forth between The Red wizards, as long as you can find other transportation circles tuned to their Enclave. Once repaired, muttering the password “Booger” will transport you there.

Now in Oasis, you were told to find Finwyn Balderdash, who may know how to procure a ship. While looking for him, you chance inside the Tavern, where a bar fight between the Order and a few Dwarves have broken out. The Order has moved more and more into this city as the months have gone by, causing unrest amongst its populace. The Dwarf leader, Moira, assists you as you clothesline, attack, and harm the guards, causing them to run off. Helios and Nymeria enjoy a drink.

It is at this point you meet Finwyn, who speaks with you in his home. He is unsure how he may be able to help you gain a boat, but once you explain your mission, sees great profit in journeying with you.

You have now met Moira Turesilver, captain of the Bearded Sailor. She works for the Order, and will be pardoned for these actions, but has escaped slavery by working within the system, attempting to change it. She offers you her ship, but only if you can find one so that she can be free from The Order, and one day free her family and people from the mines.

The group continues to explore the town, which has come under severe storms and weather, determined by Helios to be unnatural. You approach the church on the hill, where the priestess there seems to be only slightly knowledgeable about the One True God. She admits to being a new convert, due to The Order’s recent control. She blames the storm on the statue, claiming it has invoked Melora’s Wrath.

The Statue she refers to is a large, gargantuan statue which displays the One True God, a god of twisting faces and form, with several arms holding various objects to represent his all encompassing power.

You attempt to attack the statue, but detect traps around it. Failing horribly at attempting to disarm them, the alarms go off, alerting the guards. As if waiting for this, you find a Gnome Bard, Carl Glittergold, appears behind you. He sings a song, forewarning you of a Dragon and an attack by Melora. At this point the ocean rears up, half the town decimated by large, violent waves. A dragon of water and several fishmen appear, and begin to attack you.

The onslaught of both the Dragon and the Guards is almost overwhelming. Luckily, the Dragon seems to be seeking the Statue itself, and once destroyed, dissipates. The other fish men warn you that the attacks will continue, and disappear back into the waves. You deal with the remaining guards, and no one believes you to have anything to do with the statue’s destruction.

The Priestess from the chapel on the hill runs down, claiming this to be her fault. She had performed a prayer to Melora, evoking her wrath against The Order’s control, but did not expect it to get to these levels.

She indicates a cavern, where Melora priests used to worship, due to its proximity to the waves. She feels that perhaps there you may find a way to stop this. Knowing this much, you now are off to investigate these attacks, in order to save the town.

Dark Expirements

Arriving in Hollowmouth, you managed to sneak your way inside and pose as lawyers and priests.

Once there, you met an Elf druid named Talla, who is attempting to free her friend, much as you are attempting to free Thistley.

You discover when Thistley’s trial will be, and who is presiding over the trial. Bertug sneaks into the Judges home, and during the night, assassinates him with a candle.

The Trial delayed, you take this opportunity in the confusion of the Judges’ death to get inside Hollowmouth. Freeing Thistley, you use a secret exit that Talla had knowledge of.

Once inside however, you find horrors beyond comprehension. Dark priests are conducting experiments, and raising prisoner’s bodies from the dead into horrible, twisted creatures.

Making your way through this area, you came across a room full of strange containers of liquid. Many of them had bodies, but seemed lifeless.

Coming to the final room, you found none other than Tyrell! He had been contributing his Plague magic to the research, in an attempt to resurrect his dead sister. A few attempts were almost successful, but they did not possess the true soul and spirit of Tia.

Part of the research involved creating a portal into the Shadowfell, which created dark tendrils that nearly destroyed you. Closing the portal, it instead lead to a dark room.

Entering the portal, you found ritual papers, arcane ruins scribed on the floors and walls, and more. Three wizards burst into the room, ready to attack, demanding to know who you were.

The Encampment
The Search for Pelor's Temple

Coming upon this encampment, you found that there were trustworthy people to be found here. You took a rest, and met with the village elder, an aged Dragonborn named Tor. He told you of his knowledge, and gave you a Resurrection scroll, very rare indeed. With the help of one of the Pelor Scholar’s, and an adventurer from the Desert Riders, you made your way through the dessert in search of Pelor’s temple.

It was there you found large, jutting rocks appearing from the sands. These massive objects seemed to form the points of a sun. Using them, you were able to discern the location of the temple entrance. When you entered, you found several images painted on stone walls, and Orcs there to meet you.

With a shout of “For Gruumsh!” they entered battle. After it was over, you used a mirror to reflect the sun at one of the images with a sun painted on it, opening the floor and sending you down into the caverns below.

Landing in a pool of water, you found the entrance to the temple, a large mirror where doors should be. Activating a trap, ghouls whipped out at you, draining your life as they possessed the large statues around them. Proving victorious, you entered the temple.

Making your way past a series of rooms, you encountered a large number of zombies. Moving quickly, and using everything possible as an obstacle, you managed to prevent them from taking you down, but you were quite fatigued.

Entering the final room, a grand chamber filled with mirrors and beams of light, you found what you had come for: Pelor’s Light, a heavy shield of great power.

Solving the room’s puzzle, and unleashing more undead, you faced an ethereal, Radiant dragon which almost spelled your doom. Surviving, Veranas began to wield the Shield as his own, and gained access to it’s great power.

Returning to the encampment, Tor gave you a sand-skiff to make your way to Hollowmouth. The inhabitants of this small encampment had decided to move into the old Thieves fortress, where it would be cooler and easier for them to live. You secured a safe haven for those outside of The Order’s reach to live, and they promised to repay the debt in the future.

A sense of urgency gripped you however, as you rushed to Hollowmouth to save Thistley.

The Burning Sands
Treachery at its finest

After the events of Greenbriar, it was time to move on. Winning favor with the Mayor for helping restore the crop and destroy the creatures attacking the fields, he managed passage for you on the train, albeit as prisoners. Using clever tricks and magic, Helios managed to gain entrance to the front of the cart.

It was there Helios met Judge Reinhold, a Judge at the Hollowmouth prison, and the one who would be judging the trial of Thistley. Helios also met Carl Glittergold again, who warned him of a coming attack.

Soon after, the event occured. While Helios was in the front, the others were in the back of the train, managing to escape from their restraints. However, they had some questionable company with a Dragonborn and Tiefling. They also helped free wrongfully accused Dwarves, but soon the train was attacked and derailed by thieves on sand-skiffs.

A fight ensued outside the train, and the party managed to defend any other passengers from the thieves attack. In the middle of combat however, a sandstorm hit, and while most of those they saved seemed alright, they were thrown into unknown territory, lost within the sands.

Using his skills of Nature, Veranas managed to guide the party to a small cave-like fort within the dessert sands. Sensing that the ones welcoming them were friendly (Despite a very cautious Helga) the party went inside to meet a series of Dwarves, Bugbear, Tiefling, and Dragonborn, all living peacefully in the sands. They had food and bed to offer, but they wished for the party to speak with their leader first.

The leader of this group, a fierce Dragonborn warrior, first found out what he could about the party, and then sprung his trap. What the party believed to be Veranas was actually a Doppelganger! The Doppelganger quickly dispatched Helios, and the rest of the party attempted to recover from the surprise. The true Veranas, locked in a treasure room, broke free, and managed to secure a weapon and aid in the fight.

Once finished, the party attempted to stealthily leave the area, alerting a few thieves at one point, but otherwise successful. Bertug was notable for stealthily snapping the neck of one bugbear, while Nymeria collected young Dragonborn eggs that were being cared for in a corner.

After some time wandering through the dessert, the party came to a small encampment, where more trustworthy souls lived.

A farming community with a dark plague

Leaving the city via railway, you came upon Greenbriar. It was there that you met a roadblock, The Order looking for criminals within the area, whom had supposedly started several fires, including in the main church. Thistley offered herself quietly as a distraction, as you slipped outside.

Within Greenbriar you found a farming community in a downturn. Their crops were diminishing, horrible creatures were attacking them from the plague lands, and racial unrest was present due to the Dwarven and Elven workers.

There you met Tyrell, a Spell Plagued Elf, in prison. You also visited a Spell Plague Harvester manufacturer, who was developing new machines to harvest Plague Crystals, large battery like gems with powerful magic stored inside.

You assisted Tyrell in his escape, and were told of his missing sister Tia. You eventually traced this back to the Plaguelands, where an ancient temple of Chantea stood. It was there that you allowed Tia to sacrifice herself in exchange for a bountiful harvest, generating crops like never before. You saved the town and the surrounding cities, but doomed a young girl to her death. Her brother was none too happy, and stormed off with her ashes.

The Capital
A strange city in a foreign land...

Arriving through the portal from your former home. You found yourselves within a strange place. A bedroom, littered with religious lore, was home to hidden compartments and various ancient texts. As you peeked to the outside, you found a Chapel, hidden in the slums of the city, preaching the ways of Erathis. It is there you came face to face with The Order, starting a fire amongst the church, and burning it to the ground. Several citizens were dragged off by Warforged servants, others managed to escape thanks to your help.

It was there that you met Thistley, a Human priestess of Erathis. She led you to an Eladrin Woman, a follower of Sune. She remained anonymous, but gave you vital information on how to escape the city.

Infiltrating a government building, you used the sewer systems to get to a Railway system, which took you out of the city, and on to Greenbriar.

It Begins
Every story has a beginning

In the distant oceans of the mortal world, Oghma sits isolated and alone, mythical in its existence. Each of you were either born or brought here for safekeeping, your families weary of the current conditions of the main continent. Here, cloistered scholars and monks, known as Lorekeepers, study and hone their minds and bodies, maintaining the knowledge of a world thought lost.

You are summoned to the Lorekeeper Library, the largest building on the island. You are taken to a small room, a ritual circle placed in its center. With you are Elanna, your arcane and divine mentor, and Evandra, your master at arms. Since you came to the island, each has been with you, training you, honing your skills. Elanna has always felt your presence was that of fate. Within each of you dwells a power untapped. It is this power that may someday resurrect the Gods of old, restoring peace to a consecrated land.

The world outside is a mystery to you, but Ellana has brought you forward all the same. For today is the day you are meant to venture out, and begin your journey. Each of you follow a different God, hold different views, and seek different paths. But together, you have the potential to change the world.

As a gift, each of you is given an artifact, said to contain a portion of your God’s power.

To Helios, the Orb of Ioun

To Helga, the Book of Oghma

To Nymeria, the Sword of Sune

To Bertug, the Treebox of Silvanus

To Veranas, the Tools of Gond

Each of you also were given a task, and completed it within your mind. You were then given visions of what was to come.

Following this, you awake to find Ioun dead, a Dragonborn clad in heavy armor standing before you. Evandra does her best to defend you, and dies in the process. You run, but not before learning that the Dragonborn claims to be Bahamut himself, your masters Ioun and Avandra. You are not sure what to believe, but there is no time. You race to a secret teleportation circle in the back of the temple, escaping just in time. The portal seals itself behind you, and you find yourself in a small room, unsure of what you are to find.


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