A Human Priestess of Erathis and your most trusted companion


Thistley is not combat oriented, taking on the statistics of a minion. She cannot fight in battle, with a strong disposition to live. She will often hide or remain out of the way during combat, not hindering the players in any way.


Thistley is a Priestess of Erathis. Born within the Capital, her parents were firm followers of Erathis, and trained Thistley to follow the principles of the Diety. Before the players met Thistley, she ran an illegal underground church which preached the qualities of Erathis to others within the city.

Taken capture upon your arrival to Greenbriar, Thistley was taken to Hollowmouth, where with the aid of Talla you managed her escape.

Thistley has revealed to you that she contains a shard of Erathis’ power within herself. It was no mistake that you have met her.


Godswar Emrys