A vengeful brother


Tyrell was a Spell-scared elf working the fields within Greenbriar. He had been imprisoned for starting a fight within the town over his race and insults given to his sister, Tia.

You helped Tyrell escape, and with his help, managed to find his sister beyond the fields. Within the temple, the group allowed Tia to be sacrificed, which deeply angered Tyrell. He took his sister’s ashes, and left in a state of anger and sadness.

You would encounter Tyrell once more in Hollowmouth. It was there that he had begun working with a mysterious necromancer known as Cuthbert. Using his plague magic, he had resurrected several monstrosities, and aided Cuthbert in his research.

In exchange for his help, Cuthbert attempted to recreate Tia. Using her ashes to generate new bodies, her soul was attempted to be placed within these empty cloned shells. Unfortunately, none of the research worked, and Tia instead became a scared but powerful creature. You faced Tyrell in battle, in an attempt to close the portal to the Shadowfell, and killed him.

Tyrell and his Sister, now both dead, will remain marked in your minds as an example of how your actions have consequence.


Godswar Emrys