Veranas Sagara


Veranas Sagara

Elf, Fighter
Build: Guardian Fighter
Fighter Talents: One-handed Weapon Talent
Background: Silent Hunter (Silent Hunter Benefit)

Ability Scores

Final Ability Scores                               Starting Ability Scores
Str 19                                             Str 17
Con 13                                             Con 13
Dex 16                                             Dex 14
Int 10                                             Int 10
Wis 16                                             Wis 12
Cha 8                                              Cha 8

Defenses and Health

AC: 25                                             HP: 70
Fort: 22                                           Bloodied: 35
Reflex: 21                                         Surge Value: 17
Will: 19                                           Surges: 10

Trained Skills

Perception +15
Stealth +11
Athletics +12
Nature +14


Level 1: Defender of the Wild
Level 2: Quick Draw
Level 4: Long Jumper
Level 6: Novice Power
Level 8: Cruel Cut Style
Level 10:
Level 11:


At-will 1: Cleave
At-will 1: Tide of Iron
Pelor's Light: Priest's Shield
Encounter 1: Wildblood Frenzy(Warden)           Daily 1: Comeback Strike
Encounter 3: Advance Lunge                      Daily 5: Bedeviling Assault 
Encounter 7: Griffon's Wrath                    Daily 9:
Encounter PP: All Bet's are Off
Utility 2: Pass Forward                         Utility 6: Settling the Score
Utility 10:


Behime +2                                          Backpack
Subtle Trident +2                                  Antomy of the Dire Wolf & Dire Bear
BloodIron Scale Armor +2                           Bedroll
Revolver                                           Climber's Kit
Pelor's Light                                      Flint and Steel
Cog of Erathis +2                                  Hammer, Pitons (10)
Gond's Tool  Bag                                   Grappling Hook
Fencing Boots                                      Rations, Trail (10)
Dagger                                             Pouch, Belt
Iron Armbands of Power                             Thieves' Tools
                                                   Sling Bullets (20)

My father, Captain Sagara, was the leader of a small squad patrol near Oasis. One night they encounter some thieves. Cpt. Sagara sacrificed his life so that some of his men could escape and told one of them to take my mother and me to the island. On the way to the island the soldier died. Grew up on the island with Helios and the others hearing stories about how selfless my father was leading my to train as a defender.

Veranas Sagara

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