Tharna Shavres

Leader of the Red Wizards


Tharna Shavres, NPC Wizard Level 9 Artillery

Medium natural humanoid, human XP 400
Initiative +4 Senses Perception +11
HP 72; Bloodied 36
AC 21; Fortitude 18, Reflex 22, Will 23
Speed 6
m Quarterstaff (standard; at-will) F Necrotic, Weapon
+14 vs. AC; 1d8 damage.
r Magic Missile (standard; at-will) F Force
Ranged 20; +14 vs. Reflex; 4d4 + 4 force damage.
R Lightning Bolt (standard; recharge ⚄ ⚅) F Lightning
Ranged 10; +12 vs. Reflex; 2d6 + 4 lightning, and two creatures within 10 squares of the 
target are attacked as well; on a hit, the secondary targets take 1d6 +6 lightning damage.
R Lightning Serpent (standard; daily) F Lightning, Poison
Ranged 10; +16 vs. Reflex; 2d12 + 4 lightning damage,
and target takes ongoing 5 poison damage and is slowed (save ends both). Miss: Half damage, 
target slowed (save ends), and no ongoing damage.
Dimension Door (move, daily) F Teleportation
Tharna; teleports 10 squares.
Alignment Unaligned Languages Common, Draconic
Skills Arcana +13, Insight +11
Str 10 (+4) Dex 11 (+4) Wis 14 (+6)
Con 12 (+5) Int 19 (+8) Cha 16 (+7)
Equipment staff of storms +2, spellbook

This elderly woman is gaunt with age, but her white hair remains full and is pulled back into a long braid. She is adorned with a variety of charms and amulets, wields an impressive staff, and wears a complex layering of red cloaks that appear to move and swirl of their own accord.

Leader of the Red Wizards, Tharna is a powerful wizard in her own right. An old friend of Thistley’s, she will aid the players in any way she can, but she still runs a business, and cannot give everything for free.

Tharna Shavres

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