After Obtaining the Hand and Eye of Vecna

“You see Bahamut, pacing slowly as he speaks with someone you cannot see.

‘Ghedrin has failed at Oghma. Vecna has found his way to his hand, and eye. But perhaps the chosen could somehow convert it, purify it?’

You hear a woman scoff

‘Doubtful. They will most likely destroy it.’

‘Not without the proper resources. They need Blood Chaos to do that. Still, they have exceeded my expectations so far. We shall see how far they go.’

‘And the Order?’ the woman replies

‘The Order will continue to carry out it’s duties. If they should wish to oppose us, that is their decision. I had hoped for better, but perhaps they are doomed to follow their supposed prophecy’

‘You did kill their loved ones’

Bahamut grows angry ‘Like I had a choice?! For two fragments to coincide simultaniously, it would be disasterous…’

‘What should I do m’lord?’

‘Your duty, see to it Sarshan has what he requires to reach the Elemental Chaos, and keep an eye on our artifact seekers.’

‘Yes sir.’

And the vision ends.


After Obtaining the Hand and Eye of Vecna

Godswar Emrys