The Lorekeepers

Founded from a disparate group of priests and scholars, the Lorekeepers are sworn to protect knowledge at all costs. They hold Oghma and Ioun in high regard, but due to numerous individual origins, worship a variety of gods. They have made a home on Oghma island, far from any civilization.

On the day you left your home, The Order attacked the Island. Your mentor was killed, along with all the inhabitants. The Lorekeepers are now destroyed, its temples and libraries the only remaining record of their existence.

The Order

Originally created to fight back against Bane’s rising forces during the Godswar, The Order has risen in significant power since then. Led by Bahamut, The Order places it’s faith with The One True God, which due to The Order’s significant contributions to the war, has become the only Diety worshiped within the main colonies.

Since its conception, The Order has attempted to create balance and control by heavily regulating almost everything within society. Decisions are often made “For the Good of Many”, but they are sometimes questioned for their decisions.


Godswar Emrys