The World


In the time before the Godswar, the world was at an uneasy peace. Several Gods were worshiped and followed, but few were content with their current role amongst mortal men. The driving force that kept many God’s aligned were the constant attempts at Bane and the Dieties of Evil to usurp control and order from the world. Small battles were waged, twisted creatures were formed, and adventurers set forth to vanquish all. For a time, they were successful. But soon many Gods began to question their power when compared to others, and began to thirst for more.

A Deities’ power is determined in proportion to the others. As one God would garner a greater number of followers, they would grow in strength and renown. As old Gods fell, the new Gods gained even greater power beyond that. This soon planted unrest amongst many.

No records are ever conclusive as to what the final act was that began the war. Some claim Oghma stole all secrets and knowledge from Vecna. Others claimed that Tiamet began to horde the riches of Moradin. But it mattered not. Soon, Deities were encroaching past their normal planes of existence to settle disputes amongst one another, and the war began.

The Godswar

The war was not a free for all power struggle. Rather, the Gods which aligned with evil took the opportunity to wrest control from the Gods of good. The foundations of the greater planes began to crack, and soon it was impossible for many to return to their homes. And so, the war moved to the only remaining place: The Mortal Realm. Upon this small planet, the God’s were forced to take mortal form to wield battle, their power draining. But it was enough to rip the very fabric of reality itself asunder.

In an attempt to quell the tides of battle, mortals armed themselves, aligning with their chosen god and waging their own battles. In the end however, this did little but to tear nations apart. Racial tensions grew, homes burnt to the ground. There were few places remaining where the innocents could remain. It is a miracle any survived at all.

Following this trading of blows, this surge of magic, remained a shadow of the former world.

The Aftermath

Following the Godswar, the World was changed forever. Great surges of magic swept large expanses, creating the spell plague. Forests were all but destroyed. Mountains were leveled, terrain torn to pieces. Small islands formed as a result, two of the larger ones were to be known as Tempus, and the legendary Oghma. A few smaller islands exist, but are little more than desolate rock.

In a few pockets of the world, many wonders exist that lead many to believe that portals to parallel planes have been open. The dark, mirrored realm beyond The Wall to the North, the fantastical trees found spread amongst the Great Forest, or the floating City of Vor Kragel.

The world was left in a state of ruin and disorder. The God’s many had spent their lives following had abandoned them. In their rage and confusion, many temples were torn asunder, remnants of the previous world gone. Yet one group chose to preserve what they could, and found a new home, where their Lore could be kept safe, and they could raise their families.


As chaos reigned supreme, many feared for their lives. Many of the Gods had been wiped off the face of existence. A few struggled to survive. But those that had lasted the tests of battle rose to incredible strength. Bane and his army rose in power, threatening to enslave everyone and destroy all who opposed them.

It was not long after that a force came to answer the desperate mortal’s prayers. The Order, at first a small group of heroes sworn to uphold order and justice, became a legion. Using what resources remained, they drove Bane and his forces away, setting forth control within the world.

The world would never be the same. What was left in it’s place was a slowly growing system of order and control that hoped to lead its people to a Utopian society. But racial divisions and the greediness of survivors led to appeasement and concessions. Several areas are still outside The Order’s control. But as The Order spreads, and its power grows, they hope to one day rebuild the entire world.

The One True God

Little is known about The One True God. To look upon his True form is said to drive a mortal blind, to hear his True voice to drive them deaf. Many believe him to reside on another Plane of existence, it’s entry within the Citadel.

What is known is that The One True god is an amalgamation of believes and forms. Rather than a god for crops, civilization, and so forth, The One True God is responsible for all aspects of life.

It is said that he takes many forms and knows many tongues. A common Prayer is as follows:

“May His many eyes watch over us His many ears hear our prayers His many mouths whisper to guide us

May His sword strike down evil His shield guard us from harm His seed feed the hungry His air make us strong

May he judge us fairly May he judge us strong May he punish evil May he punish wrong”

Current Affairs

Below is a list of various information about the realm

  • Race

Humans are the most common race within the world. Populating many areas, they are the most diverse and yet most bigoted of the races. Lead a majority of the Order

Elves are looked down on society for their close relation to Eladrin. Known as “Tree Humpers” they commonly live on the edge of society, or within forests, in order to avoid unjust hatred.

Eladrin are hunted for their extreme talents with magic and teleportation. Often accused of raising the threat the Spell Plague poses on the world, Eladrin have all but disappeared from the realm.

Half-Elves are seen as the bastard children of elves and humans. While some may fit within The Order or normal society, it is difficult for them to be fully accepted.

Dwarfs are often known as a slave race. Many are independent workers, but most are kept by wealthy aristocrats or politicians. A majority of the race live within Ironhammer, producing rare and valuable minerals for the Order. No one is unsure why Dwarves are in this situation, but most do not question it.

Dragonborn are often given guard positions within the Order. Many also rise to higher ranks. The leading Commander is Dragonborn, and so the race is often met with fear and association with The Order.

Halflings are traders and sailors. Many are also smugglers and thieves. Most commonly associated with the slave trade, Halflings are seen as despots and scum more often than not.

Bugbears are often grouped with Halflings. Often used as simple muscle and for lifting, Bugbears can become easily angered and tempered, but enjoy civilized living and do not often want to return to the wilderness.

Tiefling are often associated with Vor Kragel. Commonly seen as Demons or opposition to The Order, only those who can afford higher standards of living are allowed to remain within Human cities and are often driven to bankruptcy because of it.

Gnomes are jewelers and tinkerers. Many are traders, but some dislike dealing with them do to their naturally tricky nature.

Genasai are unheard of on the main land. Domestic to Tempus Isle, little is known about this tribal and often considered barbaric society.

Warforged are technological servants, invented for that sole purpose. Oftentimes claimed to be destroying the slave trade by Half-lings, the Order first introduced Warforged as an alternative when many groups began to complain about Dwarf enslavement.

  • The Plague

A remnant of the Godswar, the Plague covers large areas of the world. This has caused civilization to become centralized in one area, cautious as to what could be beyond. The plague has led to several technological innovations, but also horrible monstrosities. Many citizens of the Realm have gained what is known as a “Spell-Scar”, blue markings along their body which enhance their arcane abilities.

  • Technology

Harnessing Plague Magic into small crystals, The Order utilizes these as batteries to power large machinery. Examples of this include farming equipment, the rail system, factory operation, Warforged, and the Citadel.

Its uses are constantly being explored, and new innovations are being developed all the time.

  • Culture

Magic is commonplace amongst The Realm. Many citizens know basic rituals and cantrips that allow them to complete tasks more easily. Combat magic is specifically prohibited within any Order city, and many have died from doing so. More powerful magic is seen as a danger, potentially causing another power struggle and more damage to the World.

The Order rarely holds a specific service for The One True God. Many simply arrive to the church, say their prayers quietly, and leave. It is said that in the central church of The Captial, churchgoers may feel the presence of The One True God directly.

Small sects of old God worship exist. It is incredibly illegal, and all do so in secret. All traces of the old Gods, once found, is either destroyed or brought to the Citadel.

The World

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