Upon Defeating Sarshan

“Bahamut sits alone in a grand chair. He gets up, and begins to walk into your sight. You hear heavy breathing, and a rasp.

‘Please….’ your focus seems to shift left and right.

‘Are they watching now? Good.’

‘You few who would act independent of any other. Reconsider your actions. In your possession are several artifacts. The Blood Chaos surrounding you is the only material capable of permanently destroying them. We had hoped to possess it, but did not anticipate it’s true, immense power. It is our hope to destroy those artifacts, no good can come from them. Toss them aside. The world can still be saved. Order can be restored. That is all I request of you.’

‘Please…’ you hear a voice rasp again.

‘That’s enough, old man.’

And the vision ends.”


Upon Defeating Sarshan

Godswar Emrys