Upon Obtaining the Oghma Stone

There is a flash of red light, and the face of a fiersome Dragonborn general flashes before you. He is aware of you, his eyes gleaming into yours, piercing your inner will, and nearly driving you mad. He does not cackle, does not snear, and this may be what alarms you the most. You see one last vision, he has placed the stone in a ritual circle, casting his hand over it and chanting slowly. Another dragonborn, the one you recently fought, seems concerned about it.

‘But sir, this will tie you to them. Your fate will be entwined with theirs. You will both be equally aware of each other, as long as they possess this stone! Why not just destroy it?’

‘Precisely why I am doing it. Only the dwarven girl may use this stone. If they should obtain it, we know their plans. But promise me Andred, if Vecna’s forces should come…destroy this stone at all costs.’

‘Yes sir.’

You see Bahamut finish the ritual, place the stone into the panel where you found it, activating the trap. He glances, and for a moment he looks directly into your eyes. The vision ends.”


Upon Obtaining the Oghma Stone

Godswar Emrys