Prophetic dreams were given to you as a gift from Ioun. These set you forward on your adventure, and give you warnings of what is to come. These may not be the last either…

Character Visions

Helios: The Order General, claiming to be Bahamut, gutting your arcane master of the divine, Ioun. This occurred directly following your initiation ritual.

Helga: A flashing pink light, and a grand library.

Veranas: An old Dwarven man toiling away at an anvil. The heavy sound of clinking metal ringing in your ears. “That is all behind me now” he says with a sigh, and continues his work.

Bertug: A Grand tree in an ordinary forest, bearing the mark of Silvanus. “Find me, seek me…” it whispers to you. There is a heavy breeze.

Nymeria: A dark room, you are stabbing an old Eladrin man, killing him. There is a flash of blue light.


Godswar Emrys